Our Grading Policy

All hardware (excluding consoles) are graded as one of the following:

GRADE A Item in as new condition - Products must be in mint/new condition. The product must be immaculate, if it is not then it is unfortunately not deemed as an A grade. All accessories means everything that would have originally come in the box. These must be official and the same condition as the product. These items also require their original box and inserts.

GRADE B Item is in used condition - With charging cable where applicable - may have cosmetic marks, ie: light scratches No Box is required.

GRADE C Working - Product in poor condition may have - Deeper Scratches/Dents/Minor Cracks or Bends and fully working with Charging cable. No box required.

(We cannot accept Non-Working items such as iPads, tablets, laptops or other hardware items.)

Please note, all Apple devices must have the iCloud account removed from the device. All Android devices on Android v5.1 or higher must also have their Google Accounts removed.

Games consoles are graded as one of the following:

Boxed - Good to Mint Condition. All essential accessories. Original, first party controller of matching colour. Official box with all inserts.

Unboxed - As above, however may include alternative branded cables without the original box.

Discounted - Poor condition but must be fully working. Chips, dents and scratches are acceptable so long as function is not impaired. Cracks or missing/broken casing is not something we would purchase. All essential accessories, any compatible controller. Box not required.

Retro Software:

Mint - Product in mint condition with original box, instructions & insert (if needed).

Boxed - Product with original box & insert (if needed). May or may not contain instructions. May be in worn/used condition.

Unboxed - Without the box, inserts or instructions.